Letter to Christopher S. Rubel from Sally Rand
Upon the Death of His Mother Dorothy Deuel Rubel

Dorothy Deuel Rubel and best friend Sally Rand at the Tin Palace, Rubel PharmsAugust 5, 1977

Dear Christopher:

To you whose mother she was, my deepest sympathy for the irrevocable loss of one so precious and very special.

I cannot imagine life without her - - she was mother, sister, dearest and closest friend. A friend is someone who knows all about you and loves you anyway. She was my business manager and social arbiter. With her impeccable taste and education she edited and advised on what I wrote and wore, and all things. She was my teacher and my advisor. I never made a decision without her. She admonished me, peremptorially, with vigor, when I had or was about to behave badly or without taste. She was my constant example of elegance in all things. She forgave me lovingly, (and laughingly, sometimes). She gave me praise, for which we show business hams have such urgent need and hunger. It was she with whom I could "laugh all my laughter, and cry all my tears".

She was my most beloved.

Sally Rand signature in letter to Christopher S. Rubel upon the death of Dorothy Deuel Rubel

325 N. Glendora Ave., Glendora, California